Ford SOHC 427 gallery

Ford's Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) 427 was based on the standard 427 FE side-oiler block, with a unique set of heads and a dummy cam stub in the usual position to drive a second timing chain 6-7 feet in length to spin the two overhead cams. Available over the counter from Ford for US$2,500, it made 616bhp @ 7500 with one or 658 bhp @ 7500 with two 780 vac-secs. A gilmer belt drive setup was offered by the aftermarket which solved the stretching problems associated with so much chain, something I just learnt from photos of Ron's SOHC for sale on ebay 08-Oct-2000. I'd love any other pics you guys may have to donate.

Successful on the superspeedways and dragstrips, the governing bodies moved to 'factor them out of contension' which simply means 'change the rules to get rid of them' which may be why Ford then designed the Boss 429. I'll include actual facts (ie. specs and history) as soon as I can.

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SOHC enjoying a workout. I can't vouch for the source of this photo, but would guess it's a Ford Motor Company shot of a single-4bbl development motor on a dyno. For the dual 780cfm carb option Holley made special vacuum secondary diaphragm housings to allow them to be linked with a short hose.
Cutaway of the 427 SOHC showing rocker arrangement and wide included valve angle giving straight shot into and out of the cylinders matched only by the Indy motor. The famous timing chain isn't shown.
The aforementioned seven foot timing chain was, in hindsight, not the best way of driving the cams. Mind you it was never reported as a problem other than the stretch retarding the cam timing on nos 1-4... for my money the gear stack of the indy motor which preceded it was the way to go.
Absolutely gorgeous... again not sure of the source of this image and I apologise in advance to anyone who may be upset at me saving it off a website somewhere, but look at it! Drool... the filename suggests it may be a Holman-Moody motor.
Click here for larger imageSOHC for sale on eBay October 2000, with rare Gilmer cam drive. Don't wear a tie when checking timing...
Another shot of the same motor, also taken from eBay. While that auction closes 10-Oct-2000 it may be that the page will remain a while so here's the link;
Click here for larger image
Click here for larger imageThis really is the most stunning SOHC I've ever seen. Carb is Autolite 1400cfm on 8bbl manifold.

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