Ford Cleveland 335 series gallery

These pictures are mostly of my 400 Ford V8 motor in various states, plus some Aussie 302 Cleveland heads and other miscellaneous Aussie stuff.

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Click for larger imageAustralian 302 Cleveland head produced from 1972 to November 1982 has 57.8cc quench chamber, stock 2V ports and the small 2.05/1.65 valves (larger than the 'big' fuelie chev valves however). There are no marks on the top corners, and the casting mark runs vertically up the middle of the ends of the head. Casting nbr is under intake ports, prefixed AR (eg. ARD1AE)

Another view of an Australian 302 Cleveland 57.8cc head (no larger pic available).
Close-up of the far right chamber from the same shot, sorry it didn't scan too well but the original was too small (no larger pic available)

I used a trimmed down Felpro turkey gasket, drilling end holes to allow the roll-pins in the alloy end 'snakes' to pierce it and hold it in place. Gasket sealer between blocks and heads seems adequate, with felpro permatorque individual gaskets between blocks and intake.

Click for larger image
Click for larger imageThis pic of my Weiand 8205 spacers (roughly ported to 4V) show a cunning but unpatented mod I came up with. I decided to make an adjustable exhaust crossover, so tapped a hole down from the top and cut through it as you can see. With a short bolt, I have full crossover. Long bolt, no crossover. Hell I can even stick a medium bolt down there or cut one in half vertically so you just have to turn it a quarter turn to open/close the hole.

Close-up of the adjustable exhaust crossover, rough as guts but hugely convenient. It works! You can just make out the thread inside the vertical slot, where a longer bolt could be inserted to completely or partly close off the crossover orifice. I can't stress enough how much opening this up improved my drivability with 4V heads and large-port single plane intake, it was fantastic. (no larger pic available).
Click for larger imageTo fit a dual-idler gear drive to a 400, I had to grind away at the front of the block like this to accommodate the pins, due to the larger main journal size over a Cleveland. No-one tells you these things... you an also see the torrington cam thrust bearing setup I got from summit, 'great idea' I thought at the time. Well, 2 timing sets and 1 gear drive later I'm kinda sick of having them machined to suit! I know, I know, most people pick one set and stick with it.
My 4V heads the day I assembled them after the porting man finally returned them. Used a Summit Racing Installed-Height checker, hell of a good tool - get one! Roller Rockers are bolt-down adjustable at the pushrod end, by Yella Terra of Australia (YT6321)Click for larger image
Click for larger imagePic of the gear drive in situ, showing the two pins that would otherwise be riding up on the shoulder of the front main bearing boss. Clearance from pin to timing cover should be 0.018" but basically it all centres itself when it's running.
Taken while fitting the roller cam, showing crane retro-fit kit in valley. The header visible on the right is one I made, the one to the left is a 'hurricane' header, supposedly 4V... junk!!! Note how battered the motor looks after only 100km... I'm always pulling it apart to fit new bits.Click for larger image
Click for larger imageMy block before all the rework... originally assembled with Aussie 302C heads, stock 4V-spec cam and Action-plus intake, putting all the goodies in made it look terrible...
Beam-polished stock rods, Pioneer bolts (couldn't get ARP at the time) and cast pistons. I don't think he shotpeened them afterwards which apparently is a very bad thing... sigh.Click for larger image
Click for larger imageWeiand 351C 4V single plane x-celerator intake has great bottom end on a 400M, but not so hot on the little 351C apparently.
Here's the underside of the manifold showing the small but essential exhaust crossover. Not sure how much would be gained from match-porting, but I really should do it one day.Click for larger image
Click for larger image
This is the offending 4010 series 750 double pumper... garbage, avoid them like the plague! This one had been molested by a lying cheating bastard, but even new they suck. Booster, bleeds and pump squirter an integral unit? Only two available sizes..? Jeesus...

And here's the hideously ugly pile of poo it all lives in... ah, there's no place like home is there?Click for larger image
Click for larger imageThis is a very rare Ford 400 block, one of a very few cast to fit the standard Cleveland bellhousing. These blocks have blank engine mount bosses which can be drilled to suit standard Cleveland engine mounts making them a direct replacement for a 351C (assuming no height/width problems). Thanks to Dave Williams for that info.