Ford Indy Quad-Cam page

Ford's stunning quad-cam indy motor was based on the standard windsor smallblock. I'm pushed for time right now so will just get the pics up there and revisit this page, for which I aplogise. It's the 9th of October today, and I'll get back to it in a day or two.

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... and the japs act like they invented this stuff? Yeah right. Here we have 32 valves, 8 slide injectors, 4 gear driven overhead cams, an awful lot of magnesium I suspect, and headers gp-style out the center of the V... beautiful! I'll try and scan another pic later which shows a cutaway from the front, I think it's in Pat Ganahl's book so I'll have to think about copyright and so on but it's fabulously efficient.
As you can see, those headers out the center of the V allow for a tidy single turbo installation. This is a '68 variation.
Well I wanted a gear stack for the SOHC 427, and here's what I had in mind. Would this sound hot or what?
... and here for not reason other than to fill in some space is the front timing cover missing from the above picture.

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